Rab Hydrophobic Down

All Rab Winter 2013 Down Clothing contains hydrophobic down

The name Rab is synonymous with the best, technical, down products. Since the earliest sleeping bags and jackets made by Rab Carrington in the early 80’s Rab has been at the forefront of high quality, down product design for mountaineering uses.

Traditionally down is felt to have one drawback: that it loses much of its insulating qualities when wet.

Down continues to offer unparalleled warmth for weight, compressibility and longevity, but when down gets soaked its expansive air-trapping structure temporarily collapses.

We guard against this by protecting our down beneath very tight weave and coated fabrics treated with robust DWR finishes, but for a while now we’ve been working on protecting the down itself.

When we started we found that our raw down was actually quite hard to wet. Perhaps because we only use very high quality down, sourced, processed and accredited in Europe.

But we weren’t content to leave it there. We worked closely with a company with decades of experience in proofing technologies to develop unique treatments that make our down fully water-resistant.

Our Hydrophobic Down treatment now ensures that our down absorbs substantially less water, so retaining more loft and warmth. It also speeds up drying times when damp and will withstand repeated washing.

Developing our Hydrophobic Down was a complex process. Duck and goose produce down with different characteristics and each grade of down required a separate formula.

Because our Hydrophobic Down treatment is applied to the raw down at source it is far more effective and durable than DIY down-proofing products. With these only a small percentage of the proofer reaches the down as the outer and inner fabrics act as a barrier.

Our Hydrophobic Down treatment is unique to Rab and fluorocarbon- free.

We believe it gives significant advantages to anyone active outdoors who chooses the performance of down and needs it to continue to work in mixed and damp conditions.

  • Dries Faster
  • Absorbs less water
  • Retains Loft
  • Fluorocarbon free

Rab® Hydrophobic Down is traceable under the European Down and Feather Association Code of Conduct.

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