Pedro Cifuentes

Pedro Cifuentes is a Spanish climber who loves nothing more than the mountains. In early 2013 he made the first ever solo enchainement of all three Towers of Paine, which took 29 days. It made its mark on Pedro in more ways than one; he lost 10kg during the epic.

You can read more about what Pedro is up to on his blog
Pedro Cifuentes - RAB
Pedro Cifuentes




Where were you born and where’s home now?
I was born in Madrid. I live in Cuenca (World Heritage Site by UNESCO... and perfect place for climbing)

Tell us about your work?
I am a fireman in Madrid

How long have you been climbing?
I have climbing for 13 years

Describe your very first climb
With four friends, a multi-pitch route in La Pedriza (Madrid)

Describe your climbing career
I began sport climbing and I liked a lot. Then, I began bouldering. Later, big walls and alpinism and now I like every type of climbing and everywhere

What are your most memorable climbs?
Every climb I do with friends

What do you do when you’re not climbing?
Thousands of things: traveling, build things, house reparations, vegetable gardening, reading, inventing my own climbing tools

What’s your proudest moment?
The moment I finished climbing the 3 Towers of Paine (Patagonia)

Who or what at inspires you?
The first climbers in Yosemite 

Do you carry any regrets?
Maybe not having started climbing earlier

What are your future plans/goals?
Climbing in Madagascar and Venezuela (Tepui)

What are your favourite pieces of Rab kit?
Infinity Endurance Jacket

How else do you train?
Walking and running in the countryside, bicycle...

How do you think your friends would describe you?
Genius or crazy

Mars or Snickers?

Beer or wine?
A good glass of red wine

Tea or coffee?
Tea with honey

Carrot or ginger cake?
Any cake

Favourite music?
Rock and roll

Pie or salad?
It depends on the time...

Bivi or B&B?

Hot or cold?
Very cold

Cat, dog or goldfish?

Car or bike?

Radio 1 or 2?
Radio 2

Long haul or short haul?
Long haul

Facebook or email?

Christmas or New Year?
New Year

Film or theatre?

Favourite stand up?
On the top of a mountain

Favourite time of day?
Breakfast time

Favourite quote?
A timely retreat means next time you can try again

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